A club where I belong


A club where I belong

This is the core and the heart of USTS Hockey.  We want everyone to feel they belong – whether they are a player, parent, coach, committee member, umpire or parent helper.    

We are a welcoming and open club and are always looking to welcome new members so head on over to our membership section and don’t miss out on becoming part of our wonderful club.


dynamic coaching

Players are coached to respect the game, coaches, team mates, opponents and officials whilst developing a sense of competitiveness, team camaraderie and sportsmanship. USTS coaches aim to provide a high standard of coaching that creates a positive, fun and challenging experience for each player.



Our social secretary makes sure that there is an ongoing programme of social events throughout the year for both the players and their parents.  They range from open days, Christmas fun tournaments, drinks and get togethers at the Buvette and our famous end of season BBQ.  Details will be provided to you in our monthly newsletter.  We hope to see you there!


a growing club

We are the largest junior hockey club in the Swiss Romande area – remarkable really since we only formed in 2012!  Our thriving junior section boasts 5 different ages groups all playing numerous regional and national tournaments and we also have adult teams.

Hockey For All


A team sport    

Team sports are unique and by their nature foster an environment of working together on the pitch.  At USTS we also transfer that off the pitch and try and get everyone involved to build a great club spirit.

We are a welcoming and open club and appreciate feedback and ideas about how we can make things even better and more enjoyable.


For girls and boys

We have equal numbers of girls and boys that are members of USTS which means we are the leading club for balanced gender participation for a team sport in the region!  This also means that we can field teams of girls, boys or mixed at all the tournaments which gives players plenty of options.


and adults too !

Hockey is a sport that can be practised by people of all ages – so anyone who hasn’t picked up a stick for years is welcome to come and revive their hockey skills. And if you have never played but want to try a team sport then USTS is for you as well.


all levels welcome

Beginner, advanced or somewhere in between?  USTS has coaches and groups to suit you and a team of existing players to welcome you to play and train with them. Team members are there to give you handy tips to get you started.  For those experienced players coming in you will join others like you who have great hockey skills and tricks.